What is the safety knowledge of children's toys?


1. Certain toys of specific shapes and sizes (such as s […]

1. Certain toys of specific shapes and sizes (such as small balls, fur balls, etc.), small parts after disassembly of toys, and parts that fall off during unreasonable use of toys, if the size is too small, they are easy to be swallowed or inhaled by children.

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2. Some toys have sharp edges, sharp points or protrusions, which are likely to cause cuts, scratches, stab wounds and so on.

3. The ropes and elastic ropes on toys and toy packaging may cause entanglement and strangle children, so be careful when playing. For example, hanging toys on cribs or playpens, fitness toys on cribs, ropes and elastic ropes on toys for children under 18 months, ropes on flying toys, ropes on toy bags, etc.

4. Uninflated or ruptured balloons may cause suffocation hazard to children under 8 years of age. They must be used under adult supervision. Keep uninflated balloons away from children, and ruptured balloons should be discarded immediately.

5. Water toys should be used in shallow water under adult supervision. Such products are not life-saving products, but some parents use them as life-saving products.

6. Children lack proper guidance from adults when riding bicycles, and do not know how to use the brake system safely.

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