What is the common sense of children's toys


1. Certain shapes and sizes of toys (such as small ball […]

1. Certain shapes and sizes of toys (such as small balls, fur balls, etc.), small parts after disassembly of the toy, and parts that fall when the toy is used unreasonably, if the size is too small, it is easy to be swallowed or swallowed by children. Inhale.

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2. The edges of some toys are sharp, sharp or protruding, which can easily cause children to be cut, scratched or punctured.

3. The ropes and elastic ropes on toys and toy packaging may cause children to be entangled and strangled, so please pay attention when playing. For example, hang toys on cribs or playpens, hang fitness toys on cribs, put ropes and elastic ropes on toys for children under 18 months, put ropes on flying toys, and put ropes on toys. The bag is classy.

4. Uninflated or burst balloons may pose a choking hazard to children under 8 years old. They need to be used under adult supervision. Keep uninflated balloons away from children. The discarded balloons should be discarded immediately.

5. Water toys should be used in shallow water under adult supervision. This type of product is not a life-saving device, but some parents may use it as a life-saving device.

6. When children ride bicycles, they lack the correct guidance from adults and do not know how to use the braking system safely.

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