What are the advantages of PU foam toys?


high quality pu decompression toy   1. The PU foam […]

high quality pu decompression toy


1. The PU foam toy itself has a very soft touch and elasticity, which can enhance children's perception.


2. Its sphere weighs no more than 90 grams, so that children can pick up the game at will, inspire fun and gain a sense of accomplishment.


3. A variety of teaching materials can be made to enhance children's color recognition, number recognition and other abilities.

4. The outer coating is a safe toy, composed of completely non-toxic coating resin, non-toxic and will not print skin and respiratory tract allergies.


5. Children are not easy to be injured by the ball while playing, and the safety is strong.

6. The skin of the product is very strong, it is not easy to tear for young children, it will not fall out of debris and it is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with ordinary detergent.


7. Will not be discouraged, lasting and very flexible.


8. Suitable for playing indoors, not easy to break doors and windows, easy to store and compress.

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