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The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Educat […]

The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will be held from December 7th to 9th at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center. The purpose of this expo is to promote the flow and integration of upstream and downstream resources for STEM education by connecting governments, schools, and commercial institutions to realize the development of the STEM education industry chain in China.
Guided by the Shanghai Education Society, sponsored by Shanghai Science and Technology Popularization Volunteer Association, Shanghai Hengzan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hengzan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. , Supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Development Foundation.
     S T E M is a combination of English acronyms for the four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. S T E M education emphasizes the cultivation of inquiry ability, practical ability, communication ability and critical thinking ability, pays attention to practice and process, and is committed to cultivating comprehensive quality talents facing the development of the new era in the future.
       For a long time, China's test-oriented education system has led to thousands of troops crossing the wooden bridge, causing widespread anxiety among students and parents. Every effort has been made to train many "examination robots", and society needs to cultivate highly comprehensive Talents are clamoring for difficulties. Therefore, it is said that China still has huge development space in terms of innovative education, and requires the concerted efforts of all sectors of society to change the status quo.
       Since STEM education was officially launched in the United States in 1986, the STE project has been widely recognized by all sectors of society and quickly spread. With the vigorous development of domestic quality education in China, STEM education has landed in China with a view to achieving localized innovation and development. At this stage, STEM projects are mostly practiced effectively in primary and secondary schools and extracurricular training institutions. However, due to insufficient hardware conditions and inaccurate understanding of the STEM education system, STEM education has not yet exerted its value to the fullest extent, and its development is slow and its popularity high.
       However, the construction of a strong country in science and technology and the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center to realize the transformation and development and national rejuvenation urgently requires innovative talents with strong comprehensive qualities, and it is time to cultivate innovative talents with an international perspective. In this social context, the holding of this Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will definitely become an important communication event.
      In order to meet the market needs of the STEM education industry to find partners, listen to the real feedback from end consumers, and popularize the STEM concept, the exhibition area of ​​the expo is 16,000 square meters, with an estimated 300 exhibitors and 35,000 visitors. It meets the brand promotion and communication needs of STEM products and STEM project service companies, and provides exhibitors with opportunities to broaden business cooperation, financing development and brand display.
        This expo will provide immersive experience services for exhibitors and visitors through four major innovation modes: concept innovation, form innovation, marketing innovation, and value innovation. At the STEM exhibition site, exhibitors will use STEM teaching aids and toys as a medium to contribute a grand educational and fun event for the attending audience.
       The business opportunities and values ​​contained in this expo will definitely attract the attention and visits of various channel vendors, schools, educational institutions, investors, students and parents, and experience the real fun of STEM education. At present, well-known companies such as Shanghai Braided Bean HABA Learning Center (HABA), Revolus Network Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (RevoIT), Dongguan Duozhi Hardware Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Elenco), etc. have confirmed their participation.
       The Expo will create interesting interactive activities through the combination of games, VR, robots and even brands with STEM education, so that the participating youths can show their creativity and problem solving skills. In addition, the STEM Expo will also target industry associations, Educational institutions and industry scholars conduct high-end dialogues and invite STEM education leaders to give lectures on-site to achieve pairing interaction between exhibitors and buyers, and build a three-dimensional, precise communication channel.
      In addition, the expo will cooperate with more than 40 media organizations such as "Bear Bear Paradise", "Chinese and Foreign Toy Manufacturing", "Parent State", etc., and achieve wide-scale communication through online interaction, advertising, online live broadcast and other promotion methods. Build word of mouth and brand effects, increase social influence, attract all scholars and institutions of all circles concerned about science and technology and education to pay attention to the STEM education industry, jointly promote the reform of the education field, and contribute to the great progress of education in the new era of socialism. A bright future for the education industry.

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