What kind of toys are suitable for babies of different months?


Toys suitable for 0-2 months old babies: (1) Shake the […]

Toys suitable for 0-2 months old babies:

(1) Shake the toy to let the baby find the sound source and improve the hearing ability.
(2) Musical toys, allowing babies to listen to music, can increase the communication channel of the child's central nervous system, and bring natural joy to the baby.
(3) Baby mirror, let the baby look in the mirror, see himself through the mirror, improve the baby's insight and visual ability.
(4) Hanging toys, hanging on the head of the bed, can attract the baby's sight, make sounds, and improve the baby's visual and auditory abilities.
(5) Portraits, black-and-white pictures with a certain pattern, hung on the bedside or pasted on the wall for the baby to watch and improve visual ability.

Toys suitable for babies from 3-4 months:
(1) Family photo album, let the baby know himself, parents, relatives and friends, and see people more.
(2) Hang all kinds of toys to facilitate the baby's grasping and kicking, allowing BB's whole body movement and improving BB's hand-eye coordination ability.
(3) Bracelets and ankle rings that can make sounds should be worn on the baby's wrists and ankles to increase the baby's interest in activities.
(4) Grasping toys can improve baby's hand-eye coordination.
(5) Books suitable for the baby's characteristics, improve the baby's knowledge of books, and enhance the interest in reading.

Toys suitable for 5-6 months old baby:
(1) Bathroom toys, put in the bathtub or bathtub when taking a bath, which is convenient for the baby to grasp and increase the fun of bathing.
(2) Soft building blocks, knowing building blocks, grasping building blocks, this can improve the cognitive ability of hand-eye coordination, parents can build blocks for babies and make new shapes.
(3) Stuffed toys with soft furs, grasping, hand-eye coordination, and sound-producing, let babies know the names of stuffed toys, such as dolls, kittens, etc.
(4) Stuffed toys that can make sounds, let it make sounds, and enhance causality.
(5) Tumbler, shaking, trying to push, exercise hand-eye coordination, wide range of activities and touch.

Toys suitable for babies of 7-9 months:
(1) The drawstring music box, tied to the stroller, allows the baby to learn how to make the music box sound through the drawstring, and cultivate hand-eye coordination.
(2) The toy drum can be beaten at will to meet the needs of the baby's hand movements and auditory stimulation.
(3) Building blocks, adults use building blocks to build shapes, practice grasping, and improve baby's hand-eye coordination.
(4) Drag the toy, push and pull, and use the rope tied to the toy to pull it over to develop the ability to solve problems.
(5) Cards, know the names of things, cultivate cognitive and language skills.

Toys suitable for babies of 10-12 months:
(1) Balls, balls of various sizes and textures, rolling balls, kicking balls, let the baby learn to exercise and exercise his muscle ability.
(2) Crawling tunnels, practice crawling and climbing, exercise the coordination of various physical skills, and cultivate the ability to explore.
(3) Set towers and cups and other nesting toys, put the towers/cup sets up according to the size, the concept of size; rotate the towers/cup sets to experience the relationship between power and speed.
(4) The toy piano, press the keys at will, meet the needs of the baby's hand movements, and make movements according to the music to stimulate the baby's hearing.
(5) Floor riding toys, such as wooden horse rocking chairs, exercise the baby's hands-on perception ability and enhance the baby's balance ability.

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