What are the advantages of PU foam toys


PU toy balls are also called foaming balls, which are p […]

PU toy balls are also called foaming balls, which are products in the sponge field. They are also called puballs abroad. Both pu toys and pu toy balls can only be made by opening a mold. The types of pu balls include pu football, pu baseball, pu football, pu basketball and so on. The types of pu toys include pu peach heart, pu fruit, pu animal, pu food, etc.
The advantage of the pu ball is that it can be used for corporate gift promotion. It is a very good decompression product. It is good for relieving the pressure of mental strength, so it is also called the pressure ball. Pu toys are also attributed to the scale of the pressure ball, but the shape is more complicated, and there are many styles, which is the best use of cartoon products.

Advantages of PU foam toys
1. The toy itself has a very soft touch and elasticity, which can enhance the perception ability of young children.
2. Its sphere weight does not exceed 90g, allowing children to pick up and play at will, inspiring playfulness and achieving a sense of accomplishment.
3. It can be made into various teaching materials to enhance children's ability in color recognition and number recognition.
4. The exterior coating is a safety toy composed of a completely non-toxic coating resin, which is not toxic, and will not print skin and respiratory allergies.
5. Children playing is not easy to be injured by the blow of the ball, and the safety is strong.
6. The outer skin of the product is very strong, it is not easy for children to tear, does not shed chips and is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with general detergents.
7. Will not be discouraged, durable and very resilient.
8. It is suitable for playing in indoor places, it is not easy to break doors and windows, and it is convenient to store and compress.

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