PU foam balls are very beneficial to many people


For anyone who is looking for an exciting and healthy e […]

For anyone who is looking for an exciting and healthy exercise that has been around for decades, the PU Foam Ball is a unique product that you might not have heard of. This unique ball has become a part of many exercisers and it is not uncommon to see many athletes using it at their meets. It can be used for a variety of exercises such as; power lifting, squats, cleans, jerks, and even ankle weights. The unique feature of this ball is that it will not bind when it is hit on a hard object or when it is rolled over on its surface.

Features: The way PU foam balls are constructed is very unique. It is made up of small bubbles of Latex foam then covered with PVC sheeting. They are then glued on to a thick rubber foaming material that is very smooth and has many tiny holes in it. This foaming material is also very firm. It is so firm that when you first put it on your foot you will feel a nice compression. The feel of the grip is very nice and once you use it and get used to it you will not want to take it off your foot ever again.

Benefits: Many experts say that the PU foam balls are very beneficial for many people including seniors who suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, knee pain and back pain. These balls can be used in the shower when taking a bath. These balls are great for exercising the foot and for core strengthening. They are used for weight training also. These balls are so versatile that they can be used in the gym and at home. It takes a trained professional to use them in a commercial gym.

Another benefit of the ball is to improve posture and reduce back pain. If you watch any of the sports shows on television you will see the trainers and other athletes utilize the ball for core strengthening. The ball provides resistance to your knees and hips. As you increase your core strength your knees will be less prone to injury and in turn your back pain will decrease.

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