How to make slow rebound toys


Slow rebound toys are an application of polyurethane/PU […]

Slow rebound toys are an application of polyurethane/PU soft foam. According to different formulations of materials and different allocation of shares, toys with a wide range of rebound effects can be produced. Slow rebound toys feel soft to the touch, squeezing hard will become deflated, and will return to their original shape after loosening it for a while. It is a new type of high-level toy, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, without any danger, the product feels soft, not afraid of falling, not afraid of pinching, rebounding beloved, suitable for playing, it is a good preschool gift toy.

How to make slow rebound toys?
In terms of industrial production and manufacturing, the necessary equipment for manufacturing slow-rebound toys is slow-rebound foaming machines, molds, materials and related accessories, as well as the later coloring process. According to the scale of production, it can be equipped with ordinary production lines or Highly automated production.
The manufacturing process of slow rebound toys is roughly as follows:
1. Design the appearance of the toy, manufacture samples or directly produce design drawings.
2. Manufacture the molds needed for product molding according to samples or drawings.
3. Customize slow rebound foaming equipment produced by suitable products. It is required that the equipment must be accurate in quantification, the proportions must be matched, and the mixing and mixing must be uniform. This product has a good hand feeling, common resilience and high yield. If the equipment is unqualified, the product defect rate is high, which means that the production cost will also be greatly increased.
4. If the production scale is large, the supporting assembly line can be purchased, and it can be done with only a few workbenches if the quantity is not large.
5. The glue quality is adjusted to achieve the required foaming ratio and rebound effect, or to adjust the color that meets the requirements.
6. Proofing and trial production, after passing the test, it can be put into production on a large scale.
7. Finish the appearance of the foam-molded slow-rebound toy to achieve a neat and beautiful appearance.
8. The oil spray printing of the post-process, etc., produce the whole intact product.

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