How can toys help babies learn?


Parents can make full use of waste and natural objects […]

Parents can make full use of waste and natural objects to make some toys according to the baby's needs for playing games. It would be better if the baby can participate in the production. This can not only improve the baby's ability to use both hands and brain, but also cultivate the baby's good character of diligence and thrift. Toys such as dolls, houses, furniture, cooking utensils, various vehicles, hospital appliances, etc. can be used by babies when playing role games. In role games, the baby mainly uses language to express the plot and content of the game, thus, it can promote the development of the baby's language ability. For example, the "play house" game allows the baby to imitate the mother, coax the baby to sleep for a while, and feed the baby for a while. The development and change of every plot in the game allows the baby to imitate the language and actions of the "mother". This method is much better than teaching the baby to imitate rigidly.

Decorations, masks, puppets, image toys for tabletop performances, etc., can allow babies to perform games and play a prominent role in the development of their language. The performance game allows the baby to use the language in the work naturally during the performance, and thereby master the correct use of language and creative intonation and expressions that conform to the character's personality characteristics. On this basis, parents can also inspire their babies to make props for performance games by themselves, which is extremely helpful to improve the baby's language expression ability.

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All kinds of plastic blocks, plastic sheets, and plastic toys can carry out various structural activities. For example, use building blocks to build houses and parks, and use plastic pieces to plug in furniture and vehicles. In tectonic activities, parents can consciously develop the baby's language. Before constructing, you can help the baby to conceive and let the baby say the object to be constructed. After the construction is completed, the baby can also tell the parents about the process and method of constructing objects by themselves. This can not only improve the baby's oral expression ability, but also promote the improvement of the baby's thinking level, and trigger the baby's interest in the game.

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